Quotes from ‘My Daily Race’

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25 November 2011

Quotes from ‘My Daily Race’

The following are selected passages from Sen. Pia S. Cayetano’s very first book, ‘My Daily Race.’ The memoir, a collection of blog posts and essays by Sen. Cayetano , talks about her life as a multi-tasking senator, triathlete and mother.

‘My Daily Race’ is now available at National Bookstore and Powerbook outlets and soon at Fully Booked.

On being elected senator in 2004

“And on that day, I proved to myself that you must never stray from who you really are. Yes, I am my father’s daughter, and yes, public service is in my blood. But I chart my own path and live my own dream.”

On women equality and women empowerment

“… I can accept nothing less that equality between men and women….Thanks to the women (and men) in my life, I find myself in a position to help make that change happen through my Senate work, and in my day-to-day dealings with others.”

On women and running

“You see, there are really two kinds of women who run: Women who put on running shoes and run recreationally or competitively, and women who run for public office. I am a woman who runs, on both accounts.”

“When I run in a race, I proudly run on behalf of women. I run to empower women. I run to raise awareness that there is still a lot of discrimination and injustice against women in our country. I run because I know this will be a better place when women’s voices are heard as loudly as men’s. Mostly, I run because I know a little girl is always watching from the sidelines; and I hope to empower her, to inspire her to be a woman of substance and perhaps a woman who runs one day.”

On losing my father

“I held my father’s hand, and lay my head on his chest for the last few hours of his life. If I could have breathed for him, I would have. If I could have stopped him from dying, I would have. Because all my life, he took care of me, protected me from harm, provided for me, taught me right from wrong, and even when it was hard for him, he let me go when it was time for me to grow up and experience life on my own.”

“I knew he had prepared me for life without him. But it was not going to be easy living without my Dad.”

On being a triathlete

“How does a sleepy tri-girl who has been a night owl most of her adult life become a triathlete or a morning athlete?…It was a process. It started with the death of my son. Running consoled me.”

“But like all my long races and trials in life, I always tell myself, the day will end whether I accomplish my task or not. Do I want to look back knowing I did it, or regretting I did not? In this case, the question I asked myself was more specific—at the end of the day, do I want to be able to say, ‘I AM AN IRONMAN’? Needless to say, I kept running. “

On being re-elected in 2010

“It has been an honor to serve my people in the last six years. It is a trust I hold dearly. As I said during the rallies, in the next six years, I will use my strength as an athlete, my training as a lawyer, and my heart as a mother to serve my country well. I will never give up my fight to provide a better life for those who are marginalized.”

In photo: Sen. Pia Cayetano signing a book at the launching of ‘My Daily Race’ at the Arya Showroom, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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