Consult public before hiking LRT-MRT fares

“The government’s ‘losses’ in terms of subsidy to the LRT and MRT must always be weighed against the many benefits of the mass railway system, including health benefits brought about by less pollution and less traffic in the metropolis, as well as the convenience and economic benefits it brings to ordinary workers who would rather be in a moving train than be stuck in traffic or be late for work.”

“Instead of criticizing the past administration outright for bailing out the debts of the LRT and MRT, it is now the Aquino government’s challenge to find ways to keep modes of mass transportation affordable to the commuters and to cushion the impact of any fare hike, if this option really has become inevitable.”

“The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) must refrain from imposing any unilateral and unjustified increase in LRT and MRT fares without first holding consultations, in the same way that public hearings are conducted before any fare hikes in public utility jeepneys, buses and taxis are enforced. Aside from train commuters, government agencies such as the DOH, DENR and MMDA must also be consulted.”

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