“Thank you for all the years”

* UPDATE: During the May 9, 2016 elections, Senator Pia S. Cayetano was overwhelmingly elected congresswoman of the second district of Taguig City. Her new website is being constructed and will be online soon.

‘Thank you for all the years’
Sen. Pia thanks colleagues, bids Senate farewell on last day of session
June 6, 2016
Senate Plenary

Mr. President, I would just like to take a few minutes to thank people who have made my twelve years in the Senate productive – as I would like to think it has been. I’d like to start with the Senate officers and employees, many of them I do not have a chance to mingle with on a day-to-day basis, but please know that all the work that you have put in is very much appreciated. And I recognize that the work that my office and I do would not be possible without all of you.

Of course I would also take the opportunity to thank my staff, many of whom are here and probably the others are in Room 505 watching my last address on the floor. Again, thank you so much for the patience you’ve had to produce in dealing with me in the days, months, and years that we have worked together. Many of my staff started with me in 2004 and we’re still alive (laughs), many of them still look well, so it must not have been as difficult as I thought it would be. Some of them actually started in 1998 with my father and they are still all alive and looking good, so I’d like to really thank each one of them personally. Even during the Senate breaks, they’re all here working, keeping my office alive, working with the Senate staff as well, and always making sure that the people know that we are available to them. With me becoming a senator at the time of social media, they are always working up to midnight sometimes, responding to queries, also researching online what’s going on. So thank you again to my staff who have endured many, many long hours from sunset to sunrise, sometimes with very little sleep in between. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And finally, I will be in the Lower House, so I’m sorry my dear colleagues, some of you will still see me, and hear of me, and I’d just like to… the Bigger House… I will be there. Mas malayo lang ng konti, but rest assured that I will still bug you with the bills that are close to my heart, and I will put now on official record that I have asked my colleagues, specifically Senator Sonny Angara, Senator Bam Aquino, my brother of course the Majority Floor Leader Alan Cayetano, and the Senate President Pro Tempore, my ‘little clique of boys’ in this area. I’m not singling them out because they are any more special than any of the men and women on the other side, except that they’re just my clique over here, who I get a chance to talk to in between in session days, not mentioning my favorite, sorry, Mr. Recto, but because of proximity, they are about 2-3 feet closer to me than the rest of you. I have burdened them with watching over my pet bills, many of which we actually passed but there are still a lot that I’d like to see become laws. On that note, to my women colleagues, carry on, may I ask you to keep on working on the measures that the women and even the men supporting women have worked on in the early days even before I became a senator.

And to the Senate President, thank you very much for the guidance and for the mentoring. I ended up becoming active in international politics because of the Senate President. I never thought that I would find an avenue to learn more about women in politics in particular. But it was because of the Senate president’s introducing me to the Inter-Parliamentary Union that I ended up having a very lengthy political career becoming president of the women’s coordinating committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. And so for that and many more things, thank you very much Mr. Senate President, and again to all my colleagues, thank you for all the years. #

Watch Senator Pia Cayetano’s speech via the Philippine Senate YouTube page: 56th session of the Senate (June 6, 2016) from 47:29 to 51:55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPpu-2xGBNg

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