Unjust residency rules, a thing of the past

News Release
11 June 2015

“Unjust practice of residency rules, a thing of the past”
Statement of Senator Pia S. Cayetano
Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture
On the passage of the Student-Athletes Protection Bill

“With the approval by the Senate and the House of the bicameral version of the Student-Athletes Protection Bill, the unjust practice of residency rules for high school students going to a different college will be a thing of the past.”

“In past years, school sports associations have imposed residency rules on student-athletes that unfairly restricted their choice of school and their growth as athletes.”

“We recognize the important role of school athletic associations in developing the skills, character and potential of our youth through competitive sports. I also believe in their right to self-regulation. However, when interest groups within these associations refuse to act and address the concerns of student-athletes, then the government needs to step in to regulate their actions to ensure that the rights of the vulnerable are protected. In this case, it is the student-athletes whom we must protect from being commodified and subjected to unethical practices of some schools and organizations.”

“Aside from setting rules regulating residency practices, this measure also sets guidelines on benefits and incentives that schools may offer and grant to student-athletes, and even to members of their family. We must keep in mind the amateur status of varsity players. Luring them with excessive incentives goes against the amateur nature of school sports and amounts to commercialization of the athlete.”

“Who doesn’t love college sports and seeing their team win? We all do. But let’s not forget that these athletes are first and foremost, students. Thus, their rights as a student and an amateur athlete must be protected and respected.”

“The passage of this bill would not have been possible without the help of my colleagues who share a common commitment for youth and sports development. I laud the efforts of our counterparts in the House, particularly Deputy Speaker Robbie Puno, who is the principal author of the House version, and Rep. Anthony Del Rosario, chair of the House Committee on Youth and Sports Development, as well as the chair of the Senate Committee on Games, Amusement and Sports, Senator Sonny Angara.” #

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