On Ladderized Education

Sponsorship Speech
On Ladderized Education

Senator Pia S. Cayetano
Chairperson, Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture
June 4, 2014

Mr. President, esteemed colleagues,

Our fundamental law, in Art. XIV, Section 1 states that, “The State shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels, and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.”

It is thus my privilege to stand before you today to sponsor Committee Report No. 44 An Act Strengthening the Ladderized Interface Between Technical-Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education.

At present, tertiary education is getting too costly. For poor families, college education becomes an elusive dream that only a few enjoy. According to the Philippine Poverty and Education profile published by the UP School of Economics, from one hundred (100) children who enter grade one, only forty-five (45) graduate high school, and only thirteen (13) complete their college education. [1] As such, many of our youth, and even adults, take technical-vocational (tech-voc) courses because they cannot afford a college education. Technical vocation education and training (TVET) is by itself a viable career option because it is rapid, flexible, jobs-oriented, and competency based. [2]

However, when the barriers to education have already been overcome, like when the tech-voc graduate has obtained a national certificate that enables him to arrive at successively ascending job platforms, and the money he earns from his job/s will help to finance and complete his college education, the problem now lies in not crediting previous tech-voc courses that he has taken. The tech-voc graduates squander time and resources to repeat learnings they have already completed.

Ladderized Education addresses the present compartmentalization of tech-voc and college degree programs that hinders the recognition and accreditation of tech-voc competencies in college degree programs, and vice-versa. Under this system, the tech-voc and college degree components are harmonized, thus allowing an individual to progress between and among tech-voc courses, college degree programs, and progressively gainful employment. [3]

CR No. 44 institutionalizes the Ladderized Education Program established by virtue of Executive Order No. 358 series of 2004, which provided for the mandate and legal framework for the wider-scale and accelerated implementation of Ladderized Education nationwide.

Mr. President, it is within our capacity as legislators to enact measures that will make education more accessible to the public, effectively providing them with more opportunities for economic empowerment and giving them a better chance at uplifting their lives. Thus, I earnestly ask for your support in the passage of this bill. Thank you.

[1] Published on September 2013.

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