Sen.Pia condemns UAAP boycott

Sen. Pia condemns UAAP boycott

20 September 2013


“I condemn the boycott instigated by certain school officials  at the UAAP swimming competitions in support of the UAAP Board’s brazen refusal to abide by the court rulings affirming Mikee Bartolome’s right to swim in the school of her choice.


“There’s nothing to gain from the boycott, except to send the message that the UAAP is too high and too proud to take orders from anyone, including from our honorable courts, even if they trample on the rights of student-athletes.


“By preventing the student-athletes from openly competing and showcasing their talents, the UAAP leadership is proving that promoting the dev’t of the student-athletes is not their priority. Instead they would prefer to create a culture of protectionism  in support of their narrow institutional interests.


“Sabotaging the swimming competitions will not resolve this issue. Now, not only Mikee but the rest of the student swimmers as well are suffering from the UAAP leadership’s intransigence.


“This is a sad sad day in Philippine sports.”

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