Pag di sya happy sa yo, pwede ka nya api-apihin?

News Release
26 January 2013

Statement of Sen. Pia Cayetano
Reaction to the public apology of Atty. Jessica ‘Gigi’ Reyes

“In her public apology, Atty. Gigi Reyes said she understood the depth of the Senate President’s personal hurt involving me and my brother. The reason was deeply rooted, she hinted, but did not proceed to reveal it.

“To quote from Atty. Reyes’ statement: ‘But I also understand the depth of the Senate President’s personal hurt involving Senators Alan and Pia Cayetano which the public will never know and understand I guess. It is quite deeply rooted, and by the way, it is not related to the RH bill itself, much less, to local politics in Taguig.’

“With all honesty, I cannot think of any other issue, apart from the RH and Sin Tax laws, that might have caused Senate President Enrile to feel so strongly against me. I know he was not happy with me regarding Sin Tax because he asked for my removal from the bicameral conference committee on Sin Tax. And of course, we all know our views on RH were poles apart.

“But prior to this, my personal and professional relationship with him had always been good. That’s why in my speech last Tuesday [January 22], I asked the Senate President whether I was being penalized for speaking my mind.

“But assuming that what Atty. Reyes said was true – that Senator Enrile had deeper reasons for resenting my brother and I – is that an acceptable reason for him to act against a colleague? Does it mean that if any of the senators displease him in any way, he can arbitrarily act and treat us differently? ‘Pag di sya happy sa ‘yo, pwede ka nyang api-apihin?” #

Photo: Senate minority members Senators Alan Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes IV and Pia Cayetano during Wednesday’s session.

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