Statement on Ethics Complaint

Sen Pia S. Cayetano
November 21, 2012

NOTE: In response to the ethics complaint filed against Senator Pia S. Cayetano, which was based on rehashed allegations of plagiarism, please see the senator’s tweets on August 20, 2012 and excerpts from her interview on August 23, 2012, where she responded to the same issues raised by an anti-RH blogger:

Sen. Pia Cayetano’s tweets as reposted on her website on August 20, 2012


On plagiarism charge:
“I tweeted before, our intellectual property code states that [one’s] literary work is protected [from] the time of creation.”

“I respect that and practice attributions in my Senate speeches since I often quote UN [United Nations] and other sources.”

“Even in my personal work, I habitually attribute my sources. As an [example], see my blog [regarding] impeachment

“If at any time, I fail to attribute, I immediately make the necessary corrections and amends.”
“Citing authors and sources is part of the writing process. I am happy to do because it shows the depth of research done.” #

Note: Sen Pia Cayetano’s official twitter account is @piacayetano

From interview with Sen Pia Cayetano (August 23, 2012)

Link to entire transcript:

“Q: (inaudible) …dahil po sa issue with Senator Sotto, pati na ho kayo inaakusahan po ng pag-plagiarize ng some parts of your speech…

“PSC: Well, I’ll be happy to explain that. I’ll just get my file. From what I know, there were two [speeches] of mine that were singled out. Let me start by saying that from the very start, and for those of you who follow me on Twitter, sinabi ko dun, bago pa ho mangyari ‘tong issue na ‘to, that I have always acknowledged the intellectual property right of every writer. I myself am a writer and a blogger, so ina-acknowledge ko po ‘yun. And I believe that everyone is due the proper acknowledgement that kanilang source of work ‘yun kasi nakalagay naman po ‘yun sa ating Intellectual Property Code, that from the moment of creation, your right—your literary work—is protected. So having said that, that is also my practice when I deliver my own privilege speeches. In fact, I brought a copy of the speech that was subject of the blog. And if you will read it, from the very first paragraph, in-acknowledge ko yung UNEP, the United Nations Environmental Program. And from here, dinefine ko na yung mga programs ng UNEP. So sinasabi nila na bawat sentence, during my speech, dapat i-acknowledge ko po yun. Mahirap naman gawin yun during the speech. So from the very onset, I acknowledged UNEP, in the very first sentence.

“And then sa lahat po ng aking uploads sa website, nandyan po yung proper footnoting. Now my staff has told me that in some cases, dun sa lumang WordPress site [namin] hindi napapasok yung mga footnotes [formatting from Word file of speech], that was a technical glitch. I will always acknowledge na dapat talagang ma-identify ang mga source. And in my case, yung mga UN [documents], they really want us to freely use these materials. In the case of the other [speech] which was the one on the MDGs, sana po may konting [research], nag-abala naman po ang nag-blog. Kasi actually, that speech was never delivered on the Senate floor. There was a request during – this was International Women’s Day [March 8, 2011] and you will see that on the Senate Journal – that the speech was never delivered.

“In fact, what I did, nag-adlib na lang ako on the rights of mothers and then I showed a clip, a video clip. Unfortunately, ang nangyari, ‘yung media officer ko akala ‘yun ‘yung nadeliver kong speech. Na-upload ‘yun. Again, technical glitch, hindi nalagay ‘yung footnotes but I have always acknowledged that the proper footnoting should be there. So napakasimpleng bagay and I find it quite malicious that they would try to impute malice on this. But rest assured to all the writers, to all the bloggers, that I believe that your literary work should always be protected and should always be acknowledged.”

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