Sen.Pia: I won’t back off on RH bill

News Release
20 August 2012

Tweets of Senator Pia S. Cayetano
Topic: Bribery and plagiarism charge

On bribery charge:
“A mother’s life, a pregnant teen is all I need to push for RH…”

(Note: In reaction to a tweet to her asking about rumors that she was bribed by multinational companies to push the RH BILL)

“Cheap shots by anti RH groups to say I was bribed. If they think I will back [off] RH, know that I won’t.”

On plagiarism charge:

“I tweeted before, our intellectual property code states that [one’s] literary work is protected [from] the time of creation.”

“I respect that and practice attributions in my Senate speeches since I often quote UN [United Nations] and other sources.”

“Even in my personal work, I habitually attribute my sources. As an [example], see my blog [regarding] impeachment

“If at any time, I fail to attribute, I immediately make the necessary corrections and amends.”

“Citing authors and sources is part of the writing process. I am happy to do because it shows the depth of research done.” #

Photo: Sen Pia Cayetano’s official twitter page @piacayetano

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