Robin Lim: Give women their own choices

“Give women their own choices”
Highlights from interview with CNN Hero of the Year 2011 Robin Lim
Senate Session Hall
May 9, 2012

Note: Ms Robin Lim was commended by the Senate during its session on Wednesday through Philippine Senate Resolution No.764 authored by Sen Pia S. Cayetano

“I support women surviving. As many people behind the RH bill say, ‘No one should die bringing new life to the world.’ And I support women to make wise choices within their culture.”

“We have 981 women dying according to the WHO everyday on Earth. Preventable deaths; these are not sick women, these are not old women, they are women dying at the prime of their lives from complications at pregnancies and child birth and many of those pregnancies are unwanted.”

“We really need to give women their own choices; we need to trust women to make wise choices for themselves or their families. And again, there is a war going over the Reproductive Health Bill and whenever there’s a war, there are victims. When people fight there are victims and the victims here are women and babies. So let’s stop fighting, let us, as Filipinos, get together and come up with a reproductive health plan that works for everyone. I don’t think anyone wants mothers or babies to die so let’s ask everyone on both sides to join hands in peace.”

“As a midwife, I really hope to see women surviving their pregnancies, choosing to be pregnant and choosing if they choose not to be pregnant – being able to make that choice in the widest way that is supported by their culture, whatever their religious faith is. But it is up to our law makers to support them in that, in those choices. It is human right, health care is a human right.”

“As a midwife, for example, last night, I was at the Baguio City General Hospital, and I was standing by there with the doctors, midwives and nurses. Yesterday, there were 3 women whose lives were at risk [due to] miscarriage, or what they call threat of abortion from unwanted pregnancies. These are women that would have died without medical attention. And then, there were also women who were happy to welcome their new babies in the world at the same time. Our leaders both in government, our secular leaders and also our religious leaders have a responsibility to discuss this in peace and come to a solution that can help women survive and children survive.”

“In General Santos City, there were almost 900 midwives meeting last week for International Day of the Midwife and their annual congress. And this is in the heart of every midwife. The doctors and midwives receiving babies into the world and getting right there at the front lines, the first line of defense, saving women’s lives. So somehow, somewhere, everyone needs to stop fighting and take care of each other, and take care of mothers and babies.” #

Photo: 2011 CNN Hero of the Year Robin Lim (holding resolution) is commended at the Senate on Wednesday. Also in photo are (L-R) Senators Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Pia Cayetano, Loren Legarda, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and 2009 CNN Hero Efren Penaflorida.

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